28 Planter Hydroponics NFT / DFT system – Easy and ready to install, Home hydroponics kit with complete accessories

16,000.00 8,500.00


  • 28 plants in 10 sq ft area.
  • Super easy and complete ready to install system.
  • Food grade, lead-free, double-layered uPVC openable channels.
  • Best for Home Hydroponics and Hydroponics beginners
  • Complete system i.e. contains all needed accessories to start growing hydroponic fresh veggies at home
  • Pesticide free and zero toxin vegetable growing.
  • High yield and quality assurance.
  • Easy operation and maintenance, need to water only twice a month.
  • Fits in a small space of 5×2 fts
  • Comes with on call assistance. Our team will guide you for every steps of Hydroponics growing.
  • GROW your own FOOD
  • Our planter setup includes – 2 Structure stands, uPVC openable double layered NFT / DFT channels (4 pc), 3-inch netpots (30 pc), Clayballs (1 kg), Nutrient set (Makes 166 liters), Coco disc – 50mm (35pc), Inlet system (motor, inlet pipe and accessories), Outlet Fitting accessories, Tank (20 liters) and Installation Guide manual


Get ready to experience the power of Hydroponics. Hydroponics produces the ultimate quality and nutrient-dense leafy vegetables ready to be harvest in 45 days, berries and herbs. Undoubtedly, these vegetables taste better as here the nutrient-rich water is directly supplied to the roots. Happy Eating!

28 Planter Leaf Station NFT / DFT hydroponic systems is a unique system, which clears the way for growing farm fresh besides pesticide free vegetables loaded with nutrients at your home. Extremely simple to assemble and use, designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening. Vertical design to fit in to any small space like balcony, parking area and any 10 sq ft area which gets indirect sun light.

Our planter setup includes

  • 2 Structure stands
  • uPVC openable double layered NFT / DFT channels (4 pc)
  • 3-inch netpots (30 pc)
  • Clayballs (1 kg)
  • Nutrient set (Makes 166 liters)
  • Coco disc – 50mm (35pc)
  • Inlet system (motor, inlet pipe and accessories)
  • Outlet Fitting accessories
  • Tank (20 liters)
  • Installation Guide manual

All you need is 10sq ft (5x2ft) area of indirect sunlight and power supply, you are all set to install 28 planter and begin your journey of Hydroponics growing.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 160 × 26 × 24 cm