WE are here to take technology of hydroponics to our day to day lifestyle. WE aimed for saving water, save environment and help to provide healthy living.

WE Hydroponics believes in “Grow Your Own Food”. WE empower people to grow their own safe, fresh, high quality food with the help of Hydroponic techniques. Hydroponics is considered as farm technology but WE are making it equally adaptable at homes. WE have started hydroponics at home and making it easy for people to start using Hydroponics in their home.

Our expertise and technology will assist you in growing fresh,pesticide-free and healthy vegetables at your homes,fields and farmhouses.where people can grow their own pesticide free products. Also with our wide range of available system and customised system design one can get stylish vertical, horizontal or hanging garden at almost any portion of their house, cafe, shops.

WE provide customised solutions to build stylish vertical,horizontal and hanging gardens in homes, cafes and shops so that you can have a serene verdant retreat!!

WE Supply

Coco peat | Netpots | Clay balls | Perlite | Vermiculite | Coco peat disc | Nutrients | Grow cubes | Hydroponics Trays | EC meter | pH meter | Dutch Buckets | Other hydroponic accessories

WE Install

Terrace Garden | Kitchen Garden | Vertical Soil Less Plantation | Small Area Farming | Indoor Soil Less Farming | Hydroponics Polyhouse Farming | Hydroponics Store Farming