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Re-grow 10 leftover vegetables: Expand your kitchen garden

Throwing vegetable scraps in a bin is the easiest way to get rid out of wet waste. But waste isn’t a waste when it has a value. WE have come up with a way to cut down your grocery bills and to bolster your health. Therefore WE suggest you to Re-grow leftover vegetables to keep an everlasting supply of fresh vegetables round the year. It will be a fruitful addition to your kitchen garden.

How to Re-grow leftover vegetables?

Well it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of plant physiology, just a curious mind ready to learn the following tricks would be sufficient.  Let’s see how it works!

Re-Growing vegetables from the scraps:

1. Ginger

The aromatic, hot, zesty ginger holds a prominent place in every kitchen. And growing this rhizome is super-easy.

  • Place a piece of ginger root in cocopeat or potting soil and ensure that buds are facing up.
  • New shoots or roots will appear within a week.
  • Allow it to grow for some time and then it is ready to reap.
  • Don’t forget to keep a piece of root aside for further growing.

2. Mint

Amid the scorching heat of summer, the lingering cool effect of mint on the tongue is unforgettable. Hence, growing fresh mint in your garden is like a blessing in summer. 

  • Place a mint stem in a glass of water for ten days.
  • Keep it in a bright area but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Once the roots emerges and grows 1-2 inches in length, transplant it in cocopeat.
  • Enjoy the fresh mint leaves all the summer long!

3. Garlic-

The garlic has a powerful, pungent flavour. Fresh garlic cloves have many health benefits.

  • Pick a piece of garlic and plant it in cocopeat by putting the roots downwards.
  • Keep the pot in direct sunlight.
  • As the shoots emerge, cut the shoots to obtain the bulb.
  • Bulb will appear when it’s ready to harvest.

4. Potato

Potato is the most loved vegetable. So it should be the part of your kitchen garden. They can be grown in a container or bag.

  • Fill the container 4 inches deep with moistened cocopeat.
  • Cut the potatoes which have several eyes on them into 2 inch chunks.
  • Plant the chunks 5-7 inches apart and cover them with atleast 3 inches of moist cocopeat.
  • As the potatoes grow 7 inches tall, cover it with more cocopeat.
  • Continue to cover the small plants until it gets filled upto the top.
  • Water it well, but avoid water-logging.
  • Around 90-120 days, potatoes will be ready to harvest.

5. Tomato-

Growing tangy tomatoes from the seeds already enclosed inside it; is an easy task.

  • Take out all the seeds from the tomato by slicing it.
  • Rinse the seeds and allow them to dry.
  • Take a small pot and fill it with the moistened cocopeat. Dig a whole with your finger about half an inch deep and put a seed. Water it well, but again avoid water-logging.
  • Within few days, a shoot will emerge out. Allow it grow few inches tall.
  • Transplant the seedling into bigger pot.

6. Lettuce-

Sweet and crispy lettuce has a unique place in salad greens. Everyday cut fresh lettuce and munch it the way you want.

  • Keep the leftover lettuce leaves in a bowl having a small volume of water in the base.
  • Put the bowl in a shiny area.
  • Sprinkle water on the leaves twice a week as per the requirement.
  • Once the roots starts appearing with new leaves, it indicates that now seedling is ready for transplantation.
  • Transplant the plant into pot by avoiding heat and sunlight to roots.

7. Basil-

The most ver satile herb “basil” is a mandatory component of many world-class cuisines. Give your Kitchen Garden an Italian touch.

  • Place a basil stem in a glass of water for ten days.
  • Keep it in a bright area but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Once the roots emerges and grows 1-2 inches in length, transplant it in cocopeat.
  • Enjoy the fresh crispy lettuce leaves all the year!

8. Pumpkin-

Sweet and savoury pumpkin can be grown through the seeds enclosed inside. All you need to do is rinse and dry those seeds and sow them in your garden.

9. Pineapple-

The exceptional juiciness and vibrant flavour of this tropical fruit makes it a perfect summer fruit. Ready to have a tropical kitchen garden…….

  • Fill a container with water.
  • Cut the top part of pineapple and insert few toothpicks in order to hold it above the container. The water should touch the base.
  • Place the container in direct sunlight (if the temperature is too high outside then move the container inside during the night time).
  • Change the water regularly.
  • Roots will start emerging within a week.
  • Transplant in into the cocopeat or soil.

10. Beetroot-

Blood red beetroot together with its edible greens is a health tonic. All set to Re-Grow!

  • Fill a container with water.
  • Slice off the top portion of a beetroot.
  • Place the beetroot top into the container with the cut side facing downward.
  • Keep the container in an area where it can receive adequate sunlight.
  • Roots will start emerging within a week. Allow them to grow until it’s ready for transplantation.
  • Beets require 45-65 days to reach harvest.

As WE have said it earlier also that growing your own vegetables is fun as well as rewarding. Apart from being inexpensive, the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables is undeniably high. So, Happy Re-Growing!

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