42 Planter – Flat | Home Hydroponics Kit with Complete Accessories including metal stand

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  • Planter Name : 42 Planter – Flat
  • Grow 42 plants in 20 sq ft area.
  • Super easy and complete ready to install system.
  • Food grade, lead-free, double-layered uPVC openable channels.
  • Best for Home Hydroponics and Hydroponics beginners
  • Complete system i.e. contains all needed accessories like Stand, Nutrients, Channels (Pipe), Netpots, Clayballs, Germination media, Pump, Inlet, Outlet and Installation Manual
  • Pesticide free and zero toxin vegetable growing.
  • High yield and quality assurance.
  • Easy operation and maintenance, need to water only twice a month.
  • Fits in a small space of 5×4 fts
  • Our team will guide you for installation steps and growing methods.
  • GROW your own FOOD

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Hydroponics produces the ultimate quality and nutrient-dense leafy vegetables ready to be harvest in 45 days, berries and herbs. Undoubtedly, these vegetables taste better as here the nutrient-rich water is directly supplied to the roots. Happy Eating!

42 Planter Leaf Station NFT / DFT hydroponic systems is a unique system, which clears the way for growing farm fresh besides pesticide free vegetables loaded with nutrients at your home. Extremely simple to assemble and use, designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening.

Our planter setup includes

  • 1 Structure stands (Portable)
  • uPVC openable double layered NFT / DFT channels (6 pc)
  • 3-inch netpots (45 pc)
  • Clayballs (2 kg)
  • Nutrient set (Makes 250 liters)
  • Coco disc – 50mm (55 pc)
  • Inlet system (motor, inlet pipe and accessories)
  • Outlet Fitting accessories
  • Tank (50 liters)
  • Installation Guide manual

System specifications

  • No of pots : 42 pots
  • Area required : 20 sq ft
  • No of levels : 1 layer (Flat bed system) at height 16 inch.

All you need is 20 sq ft (5×4 ft) area of indirect sunlight and power supply, you are all set to install 42 planter and begin your journey of Hydroponics growing.


Note : Plants are not part of this Product.

Additional information

Weight 12.8 kg
Dimensions 62 × 25 × 40 cm