One Month Hydroponics and Soil less Farming on call Consultancy for beginners and learners

1,500.00 950.00


  • One Month Hydroponics/Soilless On call Assistance
  • Growing assistance
  • Introduction to Hydroponics
  • Brief on sustainable Hydroponics Practices
  • Difference between Soil vs Soil less
  • Various type of Hydroponics Method
  • Hydroponics Nutrients and its Benefits
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Different Types of Hydroponics Systems
  • Solving queries


With the rising awareness about ill effects of pesticide dusted food products, the demand of fresh & healthy food has also increased. Therefore, people have started exploring the world of hydroponics to ensure that what they are eating is 100% pure and safe.

Hydroponics is a modern farming technique of growing plants without using soil. It only requires a balanced nutrient solution, a hydroponic set-up and an expert that can guide you to grow fresh, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits at your premises. An expert is needed because farming is a technical enterprise. The real knowledge comes after performing practical only. Therefore, WE provide real-time consultancy services to those enthusiasts who want to set their own hydroponic system. This consultancy programme paves a way for beginners to understand the nuances of hydroponic farming. Because for us, consulting is more than giving advice; it is facilitating hands on training to the growers so that they can look & learn the hydroponic techniques in the comfort of their home. In the consultancy period of 30 days you will get to know each and every aspect of hydroponics.

Our Hydroponic Consulting Package covers:

  • What is Hydroponics: dwelling into the details
  • How it is different from conventional methods?
  • The Science behind Hydroponics: in Layman’s terms
  • Nutrient Solution Preparation
  • Selecting the right hydroponic media for a plant
  • Sowing the seeds in grow tray/grow cube/coco-disc
  • Nursery care of seedling
  • Transplantation of seedling into the hydroponic media/system
  • Harvesting

The assistance is provided at the every stage of hydroponic farming from sowing seeds to harvesting the fruits of your hard work by online and offline means such as whatsapp, audio calls, video calls.

Q. How it is different from a hydroponic workshop or webinar?
A. Unlike a one or two days workshop, WE are providing hands on training + consultancy for 30 days and that
too in the comfort of your home. You will encounter a different situation with different doubt every day while growing crop Hydroponically and WE will resolve it on the spot every day.

Q. What is not included regarding Hydroponics and what are the hidden limitation?
A. There is no as such hidden limitation some general guidelines are there which are mentioned below

  • Our team will be available only on working days (not on sundays and holidays) and working hours (10 am – 6 PM).
  • Visit is not part of our consultancy.
  • For call, video call please take slot from your dedicated consultant
  • Team is not suppose to provide commercial aspect of Hydroponics. Team will provide all technical aspect of Hydroponics. Hydroponics Learning is main aim of this programm.
  • No material will be provided with consultancy. You can purchase required material from our website or as per your convenience.