Hydroponic Nutrients – complete nutrients for Hydroponics


    • Complete Nutrient Formulation for All crops.
    • Best for soilless & hydroponics farming
    • Balanced and precisely calculated blend of 17 essential nutrients
    • Promotes rapid plant growth due to perfect ratio of micro and macronutrients
    • Enjoy nutritionally-dense fruits & vegetables
    • Commercial Quality of Nutrients Guaranteed
    • Economic Product- Less than 1 rupees per litre of nutrient
    • Easy to use and store as it comes in powdered form
    • Perfect for Home Growers, small-scale growers, and commercial farmers

For leafy vegetables-

  • 100 g set makes 250 liters
  • 1 Kg set makes 2500 liters and
  • 5 Kg set makes 12,500 liters of Complete Hydroponics Nutrients solution

Shelf life: 2 years for dry powder

Nutrient Solution can be stored for up to 15 days

  • 1 Kg set
  • 5 Kg set
  • 25 Kg set
  • 100g set
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Complete Hydroponic nutrient Formulation for soil less growers.Makes 250 Liters of nutrients.Works with nearly all plants from seedling to full maturity.

Like humans, plants also need nutrients to grow, fight against diseases and sustain their lives. But providing the right blend of macro & micronutrients in the right ratio to the right plant is the secret behind a prosperous plant. In addition to N, P & K, several other elements are also required by the plants. Hence, WE Hydroponics’ Complete Nutrient Formulation is specially designed to fulfill the nutritional requirements of a plant. This balanced and precisely calculated blend of nutrients contains all the 17 essential elements to facilitate the growth of every plant from seedling to maturity stage and thereby promotes the growth of healthy green leaves, strong roots, flowers, and fruits. WE have tried our best to make available the best nutrient mix to the home growers, small-scale hydroponics growers, and commercial farms for hassle-free production of vegetables, fruits, and climbers from their seedling stage up to maturity.

The 3 power-packed bottles (A, B, & C) of essential nutrients make 250 litres of Nutrient Solution that radically improves your plant’s health and gives a bountiful harvest. WE recommend that use this nutrient mix in a 2:1:2 ratio i.e. 2 parts of Blend A: 1 part of Blend B: 2 parts of Blend C. When you add them in the prescribed ratio then you don’t need EC and pH meter. Additionally, our set of nutrients comes in finely powdered form to save your money by reducing the handling, packaging, and shipping costs associated with a pre-mixed liquid.

Area of Application-

Where there are plants, there will be WE Hydroponics’ Nutrient Set. Nutrients are not a luxury, but a crucial need of plants. Without a balanced portion of all the 17 essential nutrients, the plant will not grow in the way you have planned. So the application of the Nutrient Set is immense. It is widely used in commercial hydroponics farms, microgreens farming, and home gardens.

How to make Nutrient Solution?

You do not need to be a chemistry student to make this solution; WE have simplified it for you. Follow these super-easy steps to prepare 10 litres of General Purpose nutrient solution (For all Crops).

  1. Take a container of 10-litre volume and add 10 litre clean water into it.
  2. Add 6gm Nutrient A and stir it well so that all the elements are mixed uniformly.
  3. Now add 3gm Nutrient B into this solution and mix well.
  4. In the last step, add 6gm Nutrient C to complete the process. Ensure proper mixing until all the granules are completely dissolved.
  5. Note: For better results, you can dissolve the Nutrients A, B & C in separate containers for proper dissolution.

(Do not have a gram weighing scale, don’t worry! You can use a teaspoon as well for measurement as 1 teaspoon= 6 grams.)

Nutritional Requirements of Various Plants-

Different plants have different nutritional requirements. So WE request you to follow these prescribed ratios in order to get a bountiful harvest.

TDS range & Nutrient Ratio for Different Vegetables for 10 litre solution:

  • Leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce & basil require a TDS range of 800-1200 ppm approx. For this purpose use the 4:2:4 ratio.
  • Whereas for fruiting vegetables like strawberry, tomato & capsicum a TDS range of 1200-1400 ppm approx. is observed. So use the 6:3:6 ratio.
  • While climbers & gourd family grow well at a TDS range of 1400-1600 ppm approx. Therefore use the 8:4:8 ratio.

Best Suited for-

So now when you have a perfect nutrient blend and know-how of its usage, you can grow almost any plant; although WE will mention a few such as spinach, okra, zucchini, basil, chards, lettuce, bell peppers, chilies, tomato, chives, kale, cucumbers, beans, strawberries, blueberries, beetroot, papaya, guava, gourds, etc.

If you’re growing plants only in hydroponic media such as coco-peat, clayballs, or perlite then this mix is the most suitable choice. Furthermore, flowering or decorative plants can also be grown by using a combination of coco-peat, perlite, or clayballs and the nutrient mix.

It not only supports the growth of your plant but also improves the quality of the harvest. It contains all the micro & trace elements that otherwise are not provided to the plants and ultimately result in nutritional deficiency. Small growers and home growers can try this nutrient set with tap and borewell water as well. Also, if home hydroponics growers add nutrients in the suggested ratio then it eliminates the need of using an EC & pH meter.

Let your plants thrive in your kitchen garden or hydroponic garden!


  • Store it in a cool & dry place
  • Cover the Nutrient Solution with a lid to avoid direct contact with light.
  • The water mixed with nutrient powder can be stored for up to 15 days.

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