Hydroponic Nutrients 100grm set- makes 166 ltr Nutrient solution


  • 100 g set makes 166 liters of Complete Hydroponics Nutrients solution
  • 1 Kg set makes 1660 liters of Complete Hydroponics Nutrients solution
  • Complete Hydroponic nutrient Formulation for Greens (Herbs, Lettuce and Microgreens) – Contains all 6 micro nutrients (N,P,K,Mg,Ca,S) and all other micro nutrients perfectly balanced Nutrient mix
  • Inexpensive – Makes 166 Liters of full hydroponic nutrient solution.
  • Non Liquid – You are not paying for the handling, packaging, and shipping costs associated with a pre mixed liquid
  • Simple to Use – You literally only need two buckets and measuring cup(container cap can be used to measure 15 grms or tea spoon for 6grms). Very simple to use.Steps mentioned on each bottle.
  • Balanced Hydroponic Nutrient. Perfect for Home growers and small scale growers as when added in suggested ratio you dosn’t need EC and pH meter.For small scale(home growers) it can be used with tap water / bore-well water.
  • 1 Kg set
  • 100g set


Complete Hydroponic nutrient Formulation for soil less growers.Makes 166 Liters of nutrients.Works with nearly any plant from seedling to full maturity.

Package includes Three bottles of nutrients(A,B and C) and instructions for mixing on each bottle.

For best Hydroponic nutrients WE recommend this Mix : 2 parts of “Blend A” with 1 parts of “Blend B” and 2 part of “Blend C” i.e. 2:1:2. To measure you will need grams weighing scale. If you don’t have a grams weighing scale 6 grams = 1 Teaspoon can be used. If you are growing plants in only hydroponic growing media like (coco peat, perlite and clay balls) this is perfect nutrient solution for you because this nutrients supply complete nutrition to plants.  Flower/decorative plants can be grow by using coco peat + perlite and this nutrient solution.

Best Nutrient to go soil less.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 9 × 7 cm

1 Kg set, 100g set