Kratky Bato Bucket System, Color Beige

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Kit consist of

  • color : beige
  • Kratky Options :
      1. One Planter – 1pc Bato Bucket, 1pc Lid (with a 5’’ hole), 1pc Bhuch (To block outlet), 1pc Netpot of 5 inches in size
      2. Two Planter – 1pc Bato Bucket, 1pc Lid (with two 3’’ holes), 1pc Bhuch (To block outlet), 2pc Netpot of 3×4 inches in size
      3. Three Planter – 1pc Bato Bucket, 1pc Lid (with 3 holes), 1pc Bhuch (To block outlet), 1pc Netpot of 3×4 inches in size and 2pc Netpot of 2×4 inches in size
      4. Four Planter – 1pc Bato Bucket, 1pc Lid (with 4 holes), 1pc Bhuch (To block outlet), 4pc Netpot of 2×4 inches in size
      5. Five Planter – 1pc Bato Bucket, 1pc Lid (with 5 holes), 1pc Bhuch (To block outlet),1pc Netpot of 3×4 inches in size and 4pc Netpot of 2×4 inches in size
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  • Product can be use as general beautiful pot for soil/soilless plants
  • 1 Planter System
  • 2 Planter System
  • 3 Planter System
  • 4 Planter System
  • 5 Planter System


WE have designed this Kratky Bato Bucket Hydroponic System to reduce the cost, energy, time & labour associated with growing your favourite vegetables hydroponically. It is a complete and stand-alone hydroponic system having minimum requirements. Kratky System gives you surety of 100% fresh, pesticides-free, flavorful, and nutrient-rich harvest in a hassle-free manner’; just a few quick & easy steps. The Kratky Method is basically a passive hydroponic technique in which plants are suspended above the nutrient-rich water kept in a reservoir. Here roots are directly submerged into non-circulating nutrient water. It is based on a very simple principle and hence it is absolutely energy & cost-efficient. 

Usually air pump is not needed with this system but stagnant water gradually loses oxygen with time. To solve this problem you can attach an air pump with an air stone to supply oxygen to the water. But what does an air pump do?

  • Controls Water Temperature 
  • Maintains Oxygen Level
  • Maintains EC & pH
  • Do not let water stagnant

This system is small and easy movable, thus space is no more a barrier between you and your favorite plants. 

Area of Application-

Kratky Bato Bucket System is highly useful for Home Growers. Its low-maintenance feature makes it a perfect fit for beginners who are willing to step into the world of hydroponics. 

Best-Suited For-

Our Kratky System powers you to grow leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and various herbs. Also, it is designed to grow small, medium, and large plants up to the size of a cucumber, tomato, and pepper. 

Other materials that you might need to grow plants-

  • Calyballs

Clayballs are extremely porous and provide proper support to the roots so that they can form a dense mesh around the clayballs. It offers an excellent drainage facility.

  • Germination Media 

It helps in seed germination by providing a suitable environment required for seed growth. Growcubes, cocodiscs/cocopeat, vermiculite, and perlite are some popular germination media.

  • Air Pump

For Extra aeration

  • Non-returning valve

It protects the air pump from waterlogging.

  • Nutrients


Bato buckets when covered with a lid maintain optimum humidity and aeration for roots to thrive. You can check the root health anytime as the visibility is quite high in this system. In such types of systems, vine crops grow tremendously well. 

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 30 cm

1 Planter System, 2 Planter System, 3 Planter System, 4 Planter System, 5 Planter System