Air Stone , Bubble Maker , 4 inch cylindrical ,Brass , Gray color


  • Shape : cylindrical
  • Length : 4 inch (4″)
  • Color : Gray
  • Material : Brass and non-toxic mineral stone
  • Quantity : 1pc | 5pc
  • 1 pc
  • 5 pc
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Air Stone

Bubble Maker

An Air-stone, whose purpose is to gradually diffuse air into the tank and provide oxygen to water. Air stones are made of high quality non-toxic mineral material. With high temperature interring, the stones are sturdy and durable, have high dissolved oxygen rate and create even and tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of large ones.

Usage Instructions:
  • Connect the bubble stone with the supporting hose and connect the oxygen pump at the other end of the air pipe.
  • Soak this product in water for 15 minutes before use
  • Long time using, such as dirt blocking, bubble reduction, can be taken out to clean repeated use.

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1 pc, 5 pc