Three Days Hydroponics Training and Workshop at Indore, M.P.

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  • Venue : WE Hydroponics Training and Workshop Center, Indore
  • Location :
  • Date : Pick available dates from calendar
  • Three days Work shop (Friday-Saturday-Sunday)
  • Session begins on Friday at 10 am
  • Language : Hindi / English
  • Limited Seats for better interaction!
  • The training program includes breakfast and lunch for all three days.
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Our three-days workshop covers the fundamentals of hydroponics, the science behind it, the different types of systems, and how to build and maintain a successful hydroponic garden. You will learn the basics of plant nutrition, hydroponic media, nutrient solutions, pH levels, and how to troubleshoot and diagnose problems. You will also be able to ask questions and receive feedback from experienced hydroponic gardeners. The workshop includes handson activities to demonstrate hydroponic techniques and systems, and you will leave with a thorough understanding of hydroponic gardening.

Training Includes :

  • 15 hours of Hydroponics training at the farm inclusive of 3-hour of commercial (10000sqft) farm tour
  • Breakfast (vegetarian) and lunch (vegetarian)
  • Certificate upon completion.

Knowledge gives us the ability to survive and thrive in this fast-changing world; with this aim, WE have designed this knowledge-intensive workshop to aware people of such a revolutionary farming technology that has the power of disrupting the entire traditional agriculture industry. Hydroponics is so flexible that it can fit into a balcony, backyard, rooftop, basement or it can turn into a fully-fledged commercial farm. That’s why WE say Hydroponics is for everyone!

Our intention is to educate you about Hydroponics and for this purpose, WE have kept limited seats for better interaction. WE know you are coming with lots of questions, conceptions, curiosity, and hope for a better future, therefore, WE are all set to welcome you with a delightful breakfast. Happy Learning!