One Day Hydroponics Workshop at Indore, M.P.

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  • Venue : WE Hydroponics Training and Workshop Center,near Devguradiya Bridge, Bypass Road, Indore
  • Training Location :
  • Date : Pick next available dates from calendar Below
  • Training includes breakfast and a short visit to commercial Hydroponics farm
  • Session begins at 10 am
  • Language : Hindi / English
  • Limited Seats for better interaction! WE allow maximum of 15 participant per training.
  • Refreshments will be provided as part of the training program.
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Our One-day Hydroponics Workshop is an entry gate to the Wonderful World of Hydroponics and Soil-less Farming. It is a perfect destination for those who are searching for pesticide-free alternatives to farming, who want to grow their own food at the convenience of their home and who wish to explore the future of sustainable farming. WE never make promises rather WE show the results that this is what hydroponics could do for you!

Today’s vigilant consumer exactly knows what they are eating and its effects on their health. Still, finding fresh, nutritious, and pesticide-free vegetables are harder whereas pesticide-dusted vegetables are easily available in every street. Furthermore, where is the proof that this or that veggie is absolutely pure Well, “Hydroponics” has the answer. Join us in this workshop to explore more about Hydroponics and its immense potential.

WE are here to discuss:

  • What is Hydroponics?
  • Its Scope & Applications
  • Why Soil-less farming?
  • How to start Hydroponics at Home?
  • Different Methods of Hydroponics
  • Various Types of Hydroponics Media
  • The Role of Hydroponic Nutrients
  • How to Check Water Quality?
  • How to grow Microgreens?

Knowledge gives us the ability to survive and thrive in this fast-changing world; with this aim, WE have designed this knowledge-intensive workshop to aware people of such a revolutionary farming technology that has the power of disrupting the entire traditional agriculture industry. Hydroponics is so flexible that it can fit into a balcony, backyard, rooftop, basement or it can turn into a fully-fledged commercial farm. That’s why WE say Hydroponics is for everyone!

Our intention is to educate you about Hydroponics and for this purpose, WE have kept limited seats for better interaction. WE know you are coming with lots of questions, conceptions, curiosity, and hope for a better future, therefore, WE are all set to welcome you with a delightful breakfast. Happy Learning!

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WE Hydroponics Training and Workshop Center,near Devguradiya Bridge, Bypass Road, Indore