2.5 inch Netpots 75mm with Center Hole for Soil Less Farming and Hydroponics Systems


  • Size: 2.5″ (Height : 61mm, Dia: 75mm)
  • Outer diameter- 75mm I inner diameter- 66mm I Bottom diameter- 42mm
  • Specifically designed for plants with high aeration requirements.
  • Promotes dense root growth.
  • Ideal for DWC system
  • Provides more airflow and thereby reduces the chance of fungal and bacterial growth.
  • Reusable and durable netpots.
  • Perfect for Home/ Commercial hydroponics.
  • Set : 10 pcs | 50 pcs | 500 pcs
  • 10 pc
  • 50 pc
  • 500 pc
  • White
  • Black
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2.5″ Netpot is designed after keeping those plants in mind who needs high aeration yet less support. It is generally used in the Deep Water Culture system. Roots can proliferate from all sides of the netpot ensuring maximum oxygen intake due to the denser roots and efficient plant growth. A hole size of 64 or 70mm is required for this netpot.

2.5″ Netpot is compatible with-

  • Germination media (particularly made for seed germination) like 50mm cocodisc, and big size growcubes.
  • It is suggested to grow plants without the growing media.
  • It is best suited for NFT Channels with the following specifications-
  1. 100x60mm – 2.5″ netpots can be used directly with 0 water level as the depth is less so the roots will get easily dipped in the solution. The hole size should be 64mm for the netpot.
  2. 100x80mm – You can use a 2-inch netpot in a 100x80mm channel also by following the late transplantation technique (when the root elongation begins). As the depth is more in this channel so the root will have to be elongated enough to touch the nutrient solution. And in the case of early transplantation, manual watering is suggested for the initial days to prevent drying.
  3. Round pipe – 63mm & 75mm
  • WE do not recommend using 2.5″ netpots with the Dutch Buckets.
  • It is suitable for a Hydroponics raft with a 64mm hole size

Made of High quality plastic that offer durable use without crumbling; Wide lip on the top of containers, easy to grab, lift and transport. These plastic net cups promote a more efficient plant growth through aeration. Slotted design let the roots grow their own way, right down through the pot and out of the sides, allow for bigger, healthier roots.

Best for Home Hydroponics.While using it for Hydroponics NFT System, use it in 100*80 square and 75mm, 90mm round pipe.

The Net Pot allows roots to grow their own way; promoting healthier; bigger root growth. Though strong; their mesh bottoms are designed to foster root development freely and fit with all of the plants grown in soilless cultivation.

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Dimensions 33 × 7 × 7 cm

10 pc, 50 pc, 500 pc, 1000 pc


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