3 inch Extended netpots (3inch x 4 inch)


  • Size: 3 inches (Height: 100mm, Diameter: 85mm)
  • Material: Virgin Polypropylene
  • Specially made for leafy, fruiting, flowering, and climber plants that require extra support
  • Foster root development
  • Reusable & Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Perfect for round channel (pipe) hydroponics
  • Set : 30 | 100 | 500 pots
  • 30 pc
  • 100 pc
  • 500 pc
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3 inch x 4 inch extended netpots are a perfect fit for leafy, fruiting, flowering, and climber plants that require extra support due to their long height. A 64/76mm hole size is required for this netpot.

3 inch x 4 inch extended netpot is compatible with-

  • Germination media (particularly made for seed germination) like 50mm cocodisc, small, standard & big size grow cubes, cocopeat, vermiculite, and perlite.
  • Growing Media (meant for growing mature plants) such as clayballs of 8-15 mm floating and 2-10 mm non-floating in size.
  • It is best suited for NFT Channels with the following specifications-
    • 100x80mm
    • Round pipe – 90mm & 110mm
  • With the Dutch Buckets having 75mm holes in their lid.
  • It goes well with a Hydroponics raft with a 75mm hole size

Best suited for-

3″ extended netpot is best suited for plants with extended height like tomato, chilli, okra, strawberries, etc. along with leafy vegetables like lettuce, basil, and spinach. Generally, it is used for plants having 1.5 to 2.5 ft height.

Netpots are pots having a net-like structure with multiple holes that are specially designed to foster the roots and provide support to the plant. It holds the growing media in such a way that the roots receive optimum air and nutrition. When kept in an NFT system, they allow nutrient solution to flow freely, and the roots are directly suspended in the liquid facilitating the nutrient uptake. The roots after getting elongated come out from the holes and form a dense mesh of healthy roots. Undoubtedly, it promotes healthier and bigger root growth that absorbs more nutrition and moisture. It fits with all the plants grown in soilless cultivation. Depending upon the root density, length, and required plant support choosing the right netpot is always necessary; like in the case of heightened plants go for extended netpots and for bushy/fruit plants choose a wide netpot.

Area of Application-

Net Pots are widely used for propagating plants by cuttings, creating nurseries for plants, in aeroponics, deep water culture, flood and drain, drip feed systems, and NFT or for your own homemade/DIY system. Even in traditional gardening, you can grow plants in Netpots from. the germination stage and transplant them into the soil later. Handling becomes easy with netpots.

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Dimensions 28 × 23 × 7 cm

30 pc, 100 pc, 500 pc