Agriculture Perlite


  • Reduces compaction in soil and makes it fluffy & lightweight
  • Improves airflow and drainage in any media
  • Value for money as it does not decompose and lasts for years.
  • Stimulates root initiation and vigorous growth.
  • Insulates and minimises temperature fluctuations.
  • Almost neutral pH (6.6 to 7.5).
  • Holds moisture and nutrients but does not become soggy.
  • Free from disease, weeds and insects.
  • Excellent material to use with the potting mix as it lightens the mix radically
  • Pack of 1kg (appx 8-10 liters) | 10kg (appx 100 liters)
  • Chemically inert, and sterile medium that doesn’t interrupt with nutrient calculation.
  • 1 kg
  • 10 kg
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Perlite is an extremely useful hydroponic media which is basically an expanded volcanic mineral that never deteriorates. It is well known for its extraordinary water absorption capacity. Its super lightweight nature makes it an ideal medium for vertical planters to reduce the heaviness of the potting mix. Lesser weight of potting mix means bigger plants can also grow in vertical pots. Its porous nature helps in retaining 3-4 times water of its weight; along with moisture it also traps nutrients and air bubbles in the pores that provide extra nutrition and aeration to the roots.

Perlite drastically reduces the sogginess and hardness of the soil or any other media. Thus, not only in hydroponics but perlite can be use anywhere as its coarse granules provoke the root growth rapidly by providing proper drainage and preventing overwatering. Perlite is a great stand-alone media as well because it enhances the much-needed airflow required for maintaining optimum oxygen levels.

This perlite is the best quality product because it is very light weight and pure white. Its large sized granules are approximately of 2mm to 5mm size. Perlite dust is negligible (Approximately 2-4% only).

Due to its extremely light weight, it’s widely used in vertical pots / planters to reduce the weight of potting mix. If weight of potting mix is less, we can also keep bigger plants in the vertical pots.The expanded perlite is full of tiny air bubbles, and its dimpled surface area helps trap moisture. For the same light weight reason, It is use in terrace/balcony gardens as well.

Perlite is use to mix with cocopeat for plant stability and prevent plant from over watering which cause lack of oxygen. Ideal ratio of perlite with cocopeat is 1:3 (33% perlite, 67% cocopeat).

Area of Application-

Use perlite in traditional gardening and in Hydroponics for superior crop production. It is good for potting mixes and as a stand-alone soilless medium also. Widely used in Indoor And Outdoor Pots Plant Containers. In traditional gardening, perlite can be use to improve soil’s texture. Best for seed germination and root cuttings as the drainage provided encourages rapid root production. Fine perlite can also be lightly scattered across your lawn’s surface to improve drainage.

How to use it?

WE recommend to use it with the cocopeat in a 1:3 ratio for increasing the aeration, greater plant stability, and draining the excess water. It can reduce planter weight by at least 60% by mixing horticultural perlite and peat moss as a growing mix (1kg perlite appx 10liter).


Its has been observed that perlite will form powdery residue due to storage and transportation and its accepted by industry standards.

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