Booster Nitro Solution- To Boosts Development of Green Leaves


  • 100% Organic manure made up of Seaweed extracts
  • It reduce nitrogen deficiency in plants
  • Increase chlorophyll concentration to promote healthier leaves
  • Accelerates the process of germination
  • Boosts the development of Green Leaf
  • Promotes healthier leaves
  • Make seedlings healthy
  • Food safe
  • An eco-friendly solution that works on all plants
  • Makes plants more resistant to frost, extreme heat, and stressful conditions
  • Contains Mannitol- a natural chelating agent that increases nutrient absorption
  • A high level of cytokinin ensures disease resistance
  • Suitable for Hydroponics, soilless and soil-based farming
  • Improves the fertility of the soil and increases the soil microflora
  • Maintains Carbon-Nitrogen Ratio
  • Water Soluble | Liquid | Color: Brown
  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
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Booster Nitro is 100% organic manure made up of seaweed extract that is known to have natural plant hormones, trace elements, and other required nutrients in highly concentrated form. Booster Nitro has everything that your plant needs to become healthy and produce a highly nutritious harvest. It enhances the quality, flavors, and yield of your crop. Booster Nitro reduces Nitrogen Deficiency in plants, increases chlorophyll concentration, and makes their leaves greener. It focuses on the development and strengthening of roots, stems, and healthier leaves. Booster Nitro unlocks minerals for super-easy absorption; helps the plants flourish with minimum effort and hard work. It also manages the carbon-nitrogen ratio necessary for healthy plant growth. It accelerates the process of germination and improves the health of tiny seedlings. The specialty of our Organic Manure is that it increases the yield in a natural way and keeps the food safe for human consumption. Also, it does not leave any bad impact on the environment.

Area of Application-

Booster Nitro is extensively used in commercial hydroponics farms, home gardens, traditional farms, and organic farms to get more yield and good quality harvest. It goes well with soil and drastically enhances its nutrient pool, aids beneficial soil microflora, and increases carbon and overall fertility. It goes well with potting mixes. It is a multipurpose booster that can be used for a wide variety of plants such as succulents, microgreens, and also in smart planters.

How to use Booster Nitro?

For Microgreens-

Dissolve 1ml Booster Nitro in 1-litre water and uniformly spray on all the leaves to see the lush green & healthy leaves.

For Hydroponics & other plants-

Dissolve 2ml Booster Nitro in 1-litre water and uniformly spray on all the leaves. Alternatively, you can use this solution to water your plants (into the media/potting mixes/soil) in the required amount. Wait for 7-15 days and then spray/water again to see the amazing results.


This solution can be used for up to 12 hours, after that prepare a fresh solution to get the best outcome.

Best Suited for-

Booster Nitro is the most reliable source of all the required trace elements, enzymes, growth hormones, and nutrients that a plant strives for during the growing period. It is the best way to fulfill Nitrogen Deficiency in your plants. So when your plant is not giving you a more nutritious harvest and greener leaves, it just needs a dose of Booster Nitro, nothing else! Generally, it is added and mixed thoroughly before sowing the crops like lettuce, pok choi, kale, basil, brinjal, chilly, capsicum, bell pepper, strawberry, annual flowers, gourd family, carrot, etc. And yes, it is best for every plant out there.

More about the Product-

Booster Nitro has important minerals that are chelated, which means plants can easily absorb them. All the nutrients are incorporated in a balanced ratio. Plants become resistant to frost, and extreme temperatures and successfully thrive under stressful conditions. Booster Nitro also improves the shelf life of the harvest. It is very hard to find all the essential components crucial for a plant’s overall growth in one place but our Booster Nitro solves this problem instantly!


  • Store it in a cool & dry place.
  • Once the Booster Nitro is dissolved in water, the solution can be used for up to 12 hours.

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