Booster Grow Solution- To Improves Overall Plant Yield


  • 100% natural manure made up of plant extracts that help in quick growth
  • Increases nutrient value and flavours of the end-product
  • Improves the overall yield
  • Food safe
  • An eco-friendly solution that works on all plants
  • Makes plants more resistant to frost, extreme heat, and diseases
  • Reduces internal physiological stress during germination and flowering
  • Dosage- 2ml/litre of water
  • Water Soluble I Liquid I Color: Brown
  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
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Photosynthesis is a process through which plant prepares their own food and food gives them the energy to grow taller, wider, and denser. Plants need a large number of nutrients and hormones to carry out such vital functions. Without proper nourishment and care, plants will not grow or survive. Booster Grow is unique organic manure comprised of naturally occurring hormones and nutrients that boosts the process of photosynthesis and accelerates the plant’s overall growth. Booster Grow induces the development of stem and roots and promotes the net absorption capacity of plants. During the vegetative stage of a plant, Booster Grow encourages tillering (production of lateral shoots). Booster Grow has a balanced blend of plant hormones and organic compounds that influence plant growth and development. Furthermore, nutrients are also required for rapid growth thus Booster Grow comes with 6 dietary minerals: Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and calcium that assists in their growth. The difference will be clearly visible when your plant will produce a more nutritious, highly delicious, flavorful, and bountiful harvest. The specialty of our Organic Manure is that it increases the yield in a natural way and keeps the food safe for human consumption. Also, it does not leave any bad impact on the environment. Plants become resistant to frost and extreme temperatures. It protects plants from diseases.

Area of Application-

Booster Grow is extensively used during the vegetative stage of the plant in commercial hydroponics farms, home gardens, traditional farms, and organic farms to get more yield and good quality harvest. It goes well with soil and drastically enhances its nutrient pool and overall fertility. To increase the growth of the plant, Booster Grow is added during the tillering and soil treatment as well.

How to use Booster Grow?

Dissolve 2ml Booster Grow in 1-litre water and uniformly spray on all the leaves. Wait for 7-15 days and then spray again to see the magical results. This solution can be used for up to 12 hours, after that prepare a fresh solution to get the best outcome.

Best Suited for-

Booster Grow is the most reliable source of all the required hormones, nutrients, and other components that a plant strives for during the vegetative or growing period. So when your plant is not showing any signs of growth, it just needs a dose of Booster Grow, nothing else! It is suitable for lettuce, pok choi, kale, basil, brinjal, chilly, capsicum, bell pepper, strawberry, annual flowers, gourd family, carrot, and for almost every plant out there.


  • Store it in a cool & dry place.
  • Once the Booster Grow is dissolved in water, the solution can be stored upto 12 hours.

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