Hydroponic Farm Technical visit at Indore

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  • Farm location : WE Hydroponics Training and Workshop Center, Indore
  • Entry timings : 10AM-4PM
  • Prior Bookings and Payment is mandatory
  • Visitors need to be available at provided farm location 10 mins before scheduled time.
  • It might take 1 to 3 hours for complete visit (depends on visitor’s curiosity and interest)
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WE are introducing Our farm Visit to all Hydroponics lerners and lovers. Experience our unique Hydroponics farm through in-person tour.

WE are inviting all to experience real and behind the scenes of Hydroponics comercial farm.

If you are Planning to set-up a commercial hydroponic farm, a visit to our Demo Hydroponics farm will give you clarity and understanding on your future hydroponics venture.

Ready to grow without soil?

Farm visit will include:

  • Welcome and introduction on Hydroponics by Farm consultant
  • Guided tour of the farm – 10000 sqft commercial Hydroponics farm with NFT and dutch bucket system
  • Sowing and harvesting experience
  • Commercial hydroponics guidance (do and donts)
  • Offer of Our hydroponics products

Farm visit will Not include:

  • Commute till the farm
  • Any product and produce cost
  • Hydroponics training cost

This 10000 sqft commercial Hydroponics farm is designed to provide a high-yield, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for commercial crop production. It features both Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Dutch Bucket systems for the cultivation of a wide range of crops, including tomatoes, Lettuce, chards, bokchoi, baby spinatch and many more. The NFT system utilizes a water-based solution which is constantly circulated to ensure proper nutrient delivery to the plant’s roots. The Dutch Bucket system provides a more conventional approach, where buckets of nutrient-rich water are used to feed the plants. This system also allows for better control over water and nutrient delivery, as well as better drainage. Both systems are powered by an efficient water-pump system, which helps to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. The system also includes a state-of-the-art climate control system, which allows for accurate control of temperature, humidity, and light conditions, ensuring optimal growth and productivity.

Have you ever heard about Soilless Farming?

WE brings you opportunity to visit the Ikaria Fresh farm and experience more about growing plants without soil, and enjoy the in-person tour.

WE are calling out all the Hydroponics learners and lovers to take a stroll amidst the lush green Commercial Hydroponics Farm. Opt the tour to experience real and behind the scenes Hydroponics farming and its techniques.

If you’re planning to set-up your own Commercial Hydroponics Farm, our FARM VISIT will surely amaze you and convince you to set up your farm with us. The Farm Visit will include: -Welcome and introduction on Hydroponics by Farm consultant ,Guided tour of the farm (NFT setup),Sowing and harvesting experience, Commercial hydroponics guidance (do and donts), Offer of Our hydroponics products