Smart Planter – Beauty | Small Indoor Automatic Planting System (Green Pet)

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  • Planter Name : Smart Planter – Beauty (Green Pet)
  • Grow Light : 22 W full spectrum
  • Grow media : Hydrotons/LECA
  • Usage : A beautiful living plant decoration for Office reception desk, Home corner table/center table. Hydroponics (soilless) system most suitable for indoor beautification and air freshener plants
  • Material : Food grade ABS
  • Product includes : Smart planter system, Hydrotons, Full spectrum lights , nutrients
  • Plants not included in product

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The revolution in the small indoor hydroponic smart planter systems and futuristic design is well suited in our modern indoor environment. Plants grow fully indoors because design complemented with full spectrum LED light makes.

Smart decorative clean fully automated indoor smart planter which provide you feasibility of keeping live plants in your home/office without much efforts. You can plant air purifier plants in system to make your indoor air clean and fresh.

It is smart indoor intelligent soil less indoor garden that grows fresh herbs veggies, fruits and flowers at a touch. The core of system is a computer module that monitors each plants growth, the core automatically optimizes the amount of water and light based on species of plant and its age. System integrates LED lights technology that simulates natural sunlight.

  • Automatic watering.
  • Product Name : Green Pet
  • Grow Light : 22 W full spectrum
  • Grow media : Hydrotons/LECA
  • Material : Food grade ABS
  • Country of origin : China
  • Size : 28cm long, 23cm wide and 25cm height.

Key Features –

  • Automatic system with sensors.
  • Extendable light pole.
  • UV Protected container
  • Suitable for indoor usage
  • Durable Fine Work
  • Best design for fast root development Safety Instruction

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