Coco Pellets/Coco disc/Coco Coin 30 mm Growing Medium


  • Best suited for small seeds that develop fewer roots
  • Box of 65 pallet | 260 pallet | 1536 Pallet
  • Weight : 3 gm/pellet
  • Small cost-efficient disc for compact seed germination
  • Biodegradable, Provides optimum moisture required for the seed growth
  • Reliable and offers fast germination with strong root systems
  • 30mm Cocodisc is compatible with 2″ regular, 2″ Net Pot with a center hole, 3″ Netpots, and 2″x4″ Netpot.
  • Makes the transplantation process hassle-free,Clean and convenient planting
  • Protects roots from getting damaged
  • Absorbs water readily and re-wets easily, thus reducing the need for wetting agents.
  • Compressed pellets instead of heavy potting soil
  • 65 pc
  • 260 pc
  • 1536 pc
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30mm Coco Disc gives a suitable environment for the tiny seed to grow into a powerful seedling that eventually gives a good harvest. It is ideal for small size seeds that need lesser root space and minimum moisture.

30mm Cocodisc is compatible with 2″ regular, 2″ Net Pot with a center hole, and 2″x4″ Netpot.

Coco Peat Disc has shown the world that a clean seed germination technique exists! Basically, the supreme qualities of Coco Peat are packed in a de-composable bag to give users a seamless experience. It is a modern-day’s efficient seed starter. Jiffy is the world’s number 1 quality producer of cocopeat pellets. Its proven quality ensures quicker rooting because of the air pruning that ultimately stimulates a dense fibrous root development within the plug. A nutrient premix is blended in cocopeat that gives the seed the optimum energy required for germination. These discs are designed in such a way that it promotes root health, and healthier roots mean stronger seedling. Its water retention and aeration capacities are matchless. This can decrease the crop cycle by up to 25% to produce stronger, more compact plants. It protects roots from mechanical shock or damage during the transplantation.

Area of Application-

This perfect ready-to-go seed germination bag is apt for both hydroponics and regular gardening/farming practices where maintaining a nursery is a prerequisite. The bag doesn’t allow cocopeat to flow into NFT/DFT Channels and thereby keeps them clean and unclogged. It makes the whole transplantation process easy and fast.

How to use Cocodisc:

  1. Soak the cocodisc/cococoin in lukewarm water (or room temperature). Let it soak for about 7-10 minutes until the disc has fully expanded. Then remove the excess water by keeping them in a dry place. WE suggest you keep them in a planting tray for easy handling.
  2. Place the seed/seeds (of the same variety) gently in the open portion of cocodisc. Always remember the rule: the ideal depth into which seed is sown should be 2 times of seed size at max it should be 5mm, for eg. for a seed of 5mm the depth should be 10mm. ( Sprinkle multiple seeds in case of plants that are grown in bulk like spinach, coriander, mustard, and fenugreek. And sow a single seed for the plants grown individually like tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, and okra.)
  3. Cover the seed gently with the surrounding cocopeat as seeds germinate in a dark environment. Allow it to germinate. Spray water regularly to avoid unnecessary drying.
  4. Once the true leaves come out, expose them to partial/indirect sunlight to avoid the elongated stems.
  5. As and when the second set of True leaves appear, transplant the seedlings into the pot without removing the cocodisc/outer layer whether you are transplanting them in a hydroponic system or in soil.
  6. Cover the cocodisc fully with hydroponic media such as clayballs while using a hydroponic system or soil in the case of traditional gardening. For a proper root development and growth dark environment is generally recommended.

Its noteworthy features are:


Not every media has the capacity for Root Air Pruning, and it is a quintessential requirement for optimal growth of the plant. Because of root air pruning, Seedling coins have a better root system capable of absorbing more oxygen, moisture, and nutrients. When roots penetrate the outer netting, the outside air inhibits (prunes) the roots from growing further out. Simultaneously, the air pruning causes the inner roots to explode with beneficial fibrous root growth resulting in a dense root system.


Seedling coins are made of sterile peat growing medium, enclosed in a decomposable net. This net biodegrades in garden soil or compost, but it retains strength through the critical seedling and transplant stages. No pot is needed, and the growing medium offers great aeration and water retention. Speed and degree of decomposition will vary with soil or compost conditions.

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Dimensions 25 × 35 × 25 cm

65 pc, 260 pc, 1536 pc